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Majesté Cognac in China & Hong Kong

Majesté Cognac in China

Majeste Cognac in China

The market growth for cognac in China has been astronomical. Cognac sales have experienced a meteoric rise as the people of China and Hong Kong have gained a taste for Western dark spirits.

As the palate for cognac in China has developed, Majesté has become a fan favorite for cognac

This great cognac only uses Gold Award-Winning Fine Champagne Cognacs aged for 25 years or more.

Award Years: 1997 / 2000 / 2003.

The unique conditions of the climate and soil as well as the closeness of the rives, give Majesté its outstanding qualities in aroma, color and flavor. Each of our bottles is hand crafted with the highest quality crystal glass. Each bottle is protected by an anti-tampering closure device. Each bottle is decorated and adorned individually by hand.

Majesté Cognac is supported by our line of uber premium gift boxes, embossed crystal 'royal' ashtray, genuine leather wallets, humidors cum jewelry box suitable for any gifting category and holiday season.
• Ultra Premium
• Sophisticated
• Rich
• Smooth
• Aged to perfection
• Mellowness in palate with honey and liquorice fragrance
• Family owned boutique vineyard
• Served at the Royal Coronation in Tonga 2008

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