5100 soft bag bottled water 12L

Xizang Natural Glacier Mineral Water:

It comes from Tibet Glacier at an altitude of 5100 meters, zero pollution filling from water source, pure natural, natural weak alkaline (pH 7.0-8.2), small molecules, rich in a variety of trace elements needed by human body, good for health, suitable for long-term drinking.

5100 barreled water advantages:

Unique design - keep high quality water source and safety, fill in water source, vacuum seal suction water design, avoid contact with air.

General local bottled water brands repeat the use of plastic barrels to fill again, vulnerable to bacterial contamination.

5100 barrels of water disposable software organ compression design, no two filling, not by air pollution, to provide a guarantee for the safety of water quality.

Product quality characteristics:

Xizang Glacier Natural Mineral Water 5100 has a balanced content of three minerals, suitable for long-term drinking. Rich in a variety of trace elements needed by human body; Pure natural, weakly alkaline; Small molecule, strong activity, strong permeability. Especially suitable for making tea, soup, decocting medicine, milk and so on.

Water Source - Tibet is known as the "Water Tower of Asia". The 5100 water source is located in the polar no-man's land of Nianqing Tanggula Mountains with an altitude of 5100 meters. It contains pure prehistoric glacier water, which has been deeply recycled underground for many years to form high-quality mineral water.

The plant is located on the hillside closest to the water source, with an altitude of 4,800 meters. It is the highest mineral water production plant in the world. The water source is pollution-free filling, and the whole line uses German Krone production line.

Water quality - rich in metasilicic acid, lithium, strontium and other trace elements, up to the world's top mineral water standards.

Awards - "Best Mineral Water" at the 10th World Bottled Water Conference in 2013; In 2014, it won the World Beverage Innovation Award - Best Mineral Water Packaging Award.