500 ml X24 - Xizang Natural Glacier Mineral Water

Bottled at source from 5100 meters at Tibet's glacier, recognized as the high-end water brands by the markets, with the treasure natural glacial water resources at Tibet where is a polar no-man's land, pollution-free. 

This 100% natural mineral water is pure, weak alkaline, rich in a variety of microelements which are recoginized as the adoptable for human bodies and suitable for long-term drinking. Small molecules, strong activity, strong penetration. Especially suitable for making tea, soup, decocting, milking, etc.

The exclusive mining of exclusive glacial mineral water at Nyainqentanglha Mountains in Tibet at an altitude of 5,100 meters above sea level. The minerals and microelements content meets or better than the latest Chinese National standards and EU's standards of the natural mineral water.

Packaging specifications: 24 bottles / carton
Package size (cm): 37 x 25 x 21