Shanghai Distribution Network

Shanghai Distribution Network

Although many people think that consumer retail goods only come from China, it is now the case that retail shopping goods imported into China are just as important. This can be seen in the growth of Shanghai's consumer retail market.

Retail sales in Shanghai have grown almost immeasurably since 2003. The total growth of retail goods in Shanghai is 210%, creating development opportunities for the Shanghai market.

Since last year alone, retail sales in Shanghai have increased by about 17.5 percent to a staggering $89.7 billion. Just seven years ago, this same Shanghai economy supported retail sales of just $29 billion, less than a third of what it is today.

What does Shanghai's retail market mean for western companies

Western companies can no longer stay out of the China market. Shanghai's retail sector is booming, and any Western company that can generate brand awareness, create a successful marketing plan, and navigate the shopping distribution and logistics chain in Shanghai will be able to experience incredible growth in terms of revenue and business. But that may be easier said than done.

In fact, the retail market in Shanghai, and in China as a whole, is complex, replete with bureaucracy, risk and vastly different end consumers.

We have been involved in the consumer goods business in every province of China for more than 25 years. Representing world class brands such as Evian, Ariz and Ice Fox Vodka, CDL management is very familiar with how to get your product from Western ports, through customs, to retail shelves and into the hands of consumers.

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