About Us



CDL has a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in marketing, brand building, distribution, supply chain and logistics management in China, with a prominent position in the FMCG market in the People's Republic of China. The management team has extensive practical experience in the marketing and distribution of food and beverage, with particular expertise in imported water, beer, confectionery, tea and coffee, spirits and ready-to-drink beverages knowledge. 

Other areas of expertise include health and beauty products, general household goods, toys, electronics, clothing and fashion. In addition to its distribution network and infrastructure, CDL also has its own marketing, merchandise sales, promotion teams and purchasing departments.

CDL has worked with a range of partners ranging from unique emerging brands to established multinational companies. Our work includes marketing, distribution, consulting, marketing and promotion, brand building, ancillary overall planning and design execution (POSM) and quality design and production, and third-party logistics support services to provide accurate and timely management information to any company wishing to sell in China. Whether you are a top international brand or a start-up brand, CDL has tailor-made services to help your brand succeed in the complex China market.

The enterprise culture

The use of western management methods and a deep understanding of eastern culture are the keys to CDL's success in China. From dedicated employees from diverse backgrounds to the direction of corporate strategy, the combination of Chinese and Western cultures enables CDL to seamlessly connect global brand owners and China consumers. Integrity is our core value. In addition, we expect the following from our staff.

  • Be honest and ethical

  • Transparent

  • The multicultural

  • Creative

  • Be socially responsible

  • Unswervingly


We have a FMCG business platform in China that has been growing for 25 years. With the economic development of China's domestic and export markets, many small, medium and large foreign companies from all over the world are now looking to enter the China market and realize the potential of the world's largest consumer group. But many fail because they do not find an honest and competent partner. Collaborating with the right partners is the first requirement to expand into the China market.

With superior and dedicated supply chain management, financial strength, extensive network infrastructure and distribution services, integrity and a proven track record, CDL provides complete business solutions to multinational companies wishing to enter the China market.