China Distribution & Logistics, Company Ltd. is a leader in the fast moving consumer goods industry in Asia. CDL has a large distribution network in China, consisting of more than 550 wholesalers spread across the country's provinces. We currently service over 1,000 additional shipping containers from 3 distribution centers and 10 warehouses. We were able to easily scale our existing infrastructure to handle a larger order volume.


Our staff have extensive experience in handling logistics, marketing and sales in China. Distribution network management has always been a competitive advantage for CDL, collaborating on the development of some popular brands such as Evian, Alizi and many others.

Today, CDL has one of the most efficient and effective distribution networks in China, covering almost every province, including:

  • Hong Kong Retail Market

  • Shanghai Retail Market

  • Beijing Retail Market

  • Guangzhou retail market

  • Hangzhou retail market