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Our team provides the best distribution in China for FMCG because we understand the Chinese consumer.

China Distribution Ltd. has decades of experience and the vision to help your brand grow!


Distribution in China Made Easier

Here at China Distribution, we know that navigating this market can be complicated. By working with CDL, distribution in China can be simplified.

You can trust our experience and innovations to get your products into the hands of your Chinese consumers.


Our Chinese Distribution Network

With China Distribution & Logistics, you will get a proven distribution network.

Distribution in China requires a network which spans a nation of more than 1.3 billion individuals. We have offices and distribution centers which can reach the consumers you need!


FMCG Product Distribution in China

CDL's staff has worked with world-renowned FMCG products. Through our network and team, these products have flourished.

Find out how your products can benefit from a partner in the world's largest consumer market.


China Distribution & Logistics, Ltd.
港中进贸易 (深圳) 有限公司

The Premier FMCG Chinese Distribution Company for Western Products

China Distribution & Logistics' staff has the experience and proven track record to maximize your potential in the Chinese markets!

Distribution in China

Distribution in China

CDL's distribution network spans across China & Hong Kong. We provide the best fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) support & services, specializing in alcohol distribution in China.

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Logistics in China

Logistics in China

There both evident and subtle nuances to mastering logistics in China. Through years of experience and a proven track record of success, CDL knows how to manage the obstacles which lie ahead.

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China Distribution's Experience

Our Experience

We have decades of experience dealing with distribution in China, working with global brands such as Evian, Heinekin, Lipton, Durex and many others.

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China Distribution's Expertise

Our Expertise

We are China's premier distribution company. Our intimate knowledge of the distribution, marketing, & logistics in China allows our brands to stand apart from the competition.

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Navigating the Chinese markets can be difficult. Let us help your FMCG products flourish in China! Learn more...

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Why China Distribution Ltd.

China Distribution Global
China is the Fastest Growing Market for Alcohol & Spirits

According to global consumer trend experts, China will be the world's largets consumer of Western Spirits within just a few years. As a leader in this market, CDL is strategically positioned to aid your FMCG brand gain nationwide distribution in the country.

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We are the Best FMCG Distribution Company in China

We have offices and distribution centers spread across China. Through our distribution network, your FMCG products will have a competitive advantage against competition as China's consumer power grows.